For Every Friend, a Foe

The sounds of unholy screaming came from the battlefield as the army swiftly swept down upon the unsuspecting convoy. There was confusion in the ranks of the enemy, there were bloodcurdling screams coming over the radio waves. A heavy weapons squad was almost completely decimated by the squad of jet bikes slicing through their ranks, decapitating 3 of it’s members instantly. Daera smiled to herself as she entered the combat racing toward the Imperium’s dreaded terminators, they were no match for her however, her agonizer ripping through their heavy armor and quickly poisoned them. No matter how much they tried the shadow field around her continued to confound their attacks. Then there was Kalir fighting at her side ripping through their armor while shooting with the neurally controlled pistol on his helmet. The enemy was destroyed along with a good number of slaves. A cheer went up that would chill the bones of anyone not of Dark Eldar blood.

“Zarien, take your squad and grab the supplies and Lorath, go prepare the Portal for transport back to Commorragh.” Shouted Daera over the radio, “let’s get out of here before they bring in reinforcements.”

“Affirmative” said Zarien as Lorath merely started preparing the great webway portal that would send the band back to Commorragh. The captured imperial vehicles, filled with intelligence information about the planet were the first to drive through the giant swirling portal of chaotic energy.

Arriving back at the beginnings of the Kabal’s Main base the rejoicing warriors went to their after battle duties, continuing the construction of the compound. The force of dangerous wyches were at the front gate, waiting for their payment in souls. Daera walked over with her swelling personal guard she now had 4 Incubi including Kalir that would follow her everywhere.

“Here, a soul for each of you, here are ten more for Pacreni to deal with as she wishes. Thank you for your help, and rejoice with our victory.” Announced Daera as she handed over 23 of the slaves they had gathered in the assault. The Succubus then replied, “It has been a pleasure working with an Archon who knows what she’s doing. I will give Pacreni your greetings and your gift; until our next battle.”

With that the Wyches headed back to their own outpost among the dark spires of Commorragh.

Daera was content, but there was something bothering her, the battle had been all too easy, why would so small a force be guarding something so great of importance to the Imperium? The thought was quickly dismissed, there was something that was missing with her army, someone to interrogate the Imperial troops, someone to torture the souls to perfection, and she needed a haemonoculi. Daera smiled at the thought of screams echoing through the halls of her building coming from the dank dungeons of her new compound. Turning to Kalir she whispered, “We need a torturer, your mission is to find the best in the city, I want the best and will not settle for less, go now and find out who that is.”

“As you wish, your highness.” Came his reply as he grabbed the other Incubi and headed out on a mission. Daera activated her powerful shadow field, just in case anyone had any bright ideas when her guard was gone.

That night Kalir returned bringing news that he had found about the master torturer.

“I bring news of a most vile, insidious torturer, he has a force of superbly crafted Uber Grotesques which are more disgusting and powerful than the normal follower. His weapons kill with but a touch and his tools can leave slaves in the greatest agony for days. His name is Urien Rakarth, the greatest torturer in the city. He is currently employed at another beginning Kabal, the Kabal of the Beast.” Kalir reported.

“Thank you for your work, we shall leave tomorrow to convert this master of torture.” Smiled Daera as she went to retire for the evening.

The next day the opening of her door awakened Daera. “Who goes there!?!” She screamed.

“It’s just me, Kalir.” Said Kalir

Daera noticed his voice sounded different, he was hiding something from her, she wanted to know what.

“Stay out there I’ll be there in a moment.” Said Daera as she got out of bed to get her armor on.

“Ok, I’ll be right here waiting for you.” Said Kalir, still trying to hide something.

“What is he up to?” thought Daera, “it can’t be anything good, I had better be careful today.”

Daera put on her armor, hid her agonizer and shield generator under her cloak and went out the door activating the generator.

“Umm…It’s time to go to the Haemonoculi’s place, we have received 5 new Incubi today, they shall come with us today.” Said Kalir.

“Very well, let’s go.” Said Daera cautiously.

The group of 10 then set off on foot down the blood stained streets of Commorragh. They walked and walked until finally they reached a dead end. Kalir laughed, “I have always wanted you Daera, now you shall be mine. Take her and get that nasty armor off of her.”

“You sniveling worm, you shall die for challenging me!” Shouted Daera.

Daera’s eyes went wide with horror as the Incubi grabbed her and started stripping her armor off.

“Oh yeah, about your shield, I really liked it, so I took it as my own, what you have there is just a shell. Now I shall have my way with you then eat your ravishing soul, HAHAHA.” Announced Kalir.

Daera, stripped down to her undergarments just stood there in horror, then she heard a noise from down the alleyway. “Stop where you are you poor excuses for Incubi, you know it is against the code for an Incubi to attack the one they serve.” Came a deep chilling voice from the end of the alley.

“Who the hell are you to tell us what to do?” said one of the Incubi.

Heavy footsteps came closer and red eyes glowed in the darkness of the alley.

“I am the creature that haunts your nightmares, I am the one that you run away from in the dark, I am the master of blades, I am Drahzar!” Came the chilling voice. Then as quick as she could blink Daera saw two Incubi taken down with one effortless slash of a hideous blade. The two Incubi holding her tried to run, but with two swift slashes they both lay dead cut clean through by the skull-capped blades.

“Get him!! I’ll come back for you Daera, that is a promise!!” Yelled Kalir as he left his incubi to die at the warrior’s blades and ran out of the alley. There was a shot from one of the Incubi’s blasters and the tall figure resembling an Incubi got hit in the side. Seeing the tall figure stumble from the blast the other Incubi charged. With a spatter of blood coming from the battle, Daera passed out from the shock.

Waking up Daera was sleeping in a bed, her clothing and armor set on the side of the bed, and an Incubi was at the door. Immediately she got up, getting her armor on, she shouted, “What do you want to do with me? What does that coward Kalir have in store? ANSWER ME!!”

The guard looked questioningly at her and then left the room. Daera went over to check the door and it was locked.


She leant against the door wondering what her fate would be as the door flew open and she fell into the cold, armored arms of an Incubi. However, this Incubi was much taller than the others. She then recognized the blades at his waist with the skull handles. Daera, slightly embarrassed stood up and said, “You, you saved me, thank you for your help, what did you say your name was?”

“My name is Drahzar, and don’t worry about saving you. It wasn’t that I was saving you, it was that the others needed to die for their crimes against the order. We have been hunting a group of rogue Incubi that have ignored our laws and we think that this Kalir person may be running the whole thing. Since he has vowed to hunt you down, I will now guard you with 8 of my best guards. We shall leave whenever you are ready.” Said the tall Incubi.

Fascinated by the master of blades Daera paused for a while before answering him, “Now is as good a time as any, let’s head back to my compound, I shall show you the way. However we need to leave tomorrow to meet Urien Rakarth, the master torturer.”

“Very well, I know of him. I hear he is seeking a new employer, but hasn’t left yet for fear that the ones hiring him would destroy his creations.” Said Drahzar as he, his incubi, and Daera then boarded a raider and headed back to the Kabal of Thornes’ compound.

Upon waking next day Daera, got dressed and headed for the barracks with her new squad of Incubi following her along with Drahzar. The troops were already awake and in their armor, mostly practicing.

“Attention!” Yelled Daera and everyone stopped what they were doing to listen to their Archon.

“I have been tricked by someone I thought a friend, it will not happen again. These are my new guard, and this is Drahzar, the master of blades. Today we may have to fight another Kabal, they have someone I want and he no longer wants to be there. If we do him this favor, perhaps he will help us as well. Lorath, take one of the raiders with your squad and follow us. Zarien take the other raider and try to get the help of the wyches. We shall succeed!” Said Daera.

The three raiders took off two heading to the Kabal of the beast, the other getting the aid of the Cult of Spikes.

The raiders parked several blocks away from the main compound, it would be difficult to get in, there were countless warp beasts patrolling the front yard.

“Ok, the first thing we do is make contact with Urien, he is all ready right?” Said Daera.

Lorath Nodded. “Excellent, now we need to get in someway, Lorath, you distract the guards in the raider and I will go inside with my retinue.” Said Daera.

Lorath nodded again and got in the raider with his squad, taking off and started attacking the base. The howls of the warp beasts were echoing through the air, a combination of a scream and a beast’s howl. Daera motioned to the Incubi and they ran toward the base walls. Sneaking passed the guards they made it to the dungeon. As they opened the door and stepped in they heard a multitude of screams, it was then that they noticed that there was a mat on the floor made of entrails still attached to their owners. A voice more evil than anything Daera had ever heard before came from in front of them, “Who is it that dare enter my dungeon.”

“My name is Daera Vect we have come to rescue you and your creations from the tyranny of the Kabal of the Beast, Urien Rakarth.”

“Excellent, we are ready for transport, come my denizens of the dark we are free to experiment as we please.” Said Urien Rakarth as he stepped into the light along with five Uber Grotesques. Urien was wearing the skin of another’s face and had multiple weapons strapped to his body. The Grotesques looked like they were put through a blender and put back together, the hideous things enjoyed the pain that Urien’s poisons and acids did to them. Daera opened the door only to be fired upon by a barrage of crystal shards from splinter rifles.

“Damn, no way out!” shouted Daera.

“Ah, but there is my dear, if your men will hold my things I’ll show you what my creations can do.” Said Urien coolly. The items were handed to the Incubi and Urien took his Grotesques and had them walk outside. Daera watched in amazement as the bolts hit the creatures, but only made them enjoy it more. Walking into the hallway Daera saw the Grotesques get close the squad of warriors when Urien pulled out a weapon, motioning to the Grotesques they parted. A giant stream of acid emanated from the weapon turning the entire squad into mush. Urien laughed in glee, like a child with a new toy. They reached the outside door and walked into the courtyard where they were then surrounded by warp beasts. The group heard slow clapping coming from the staircase.

“Good job my dear, but I’m afraid you’re out of luck, you see at a wave of my hand, these beasts will tear you to shreds. Let me introduce myself, I am Derinius Raklor, the Archon of this Kabal, and I don’t take kindly to people barging in to my establishment and stealing those who are rightfully mine.” Said the man on the stairs.

There was a distant humming that became louder and louder. Daera smiled, “Well, it was a pleasure meeting you Derinius, but I am afraid I have to depart, Urien, will you lead the way?” “Surely” said Urien as he shot a dart at one of the warp beasts. The poisons in the dart caused the beast to expand until it exploded spraying flesh and bone everywhere killing two other beasts. “KILL THEM!” Shouted Derinius as three raiders being followed by a squadron of Reaver jet bikes flew over the wall and started killing warp beasts. Daera smiled as a raider pulled up right next to them, “After you Urien.”

Urien fired off one last shot and, smiling a horrific smile at Daera said, “Thank you my dear, let us leave this place.” With that the rest of them boarded and they all fled the battle.

Back at the base Daera again thanked the wyches for their continued help and said that their souls will now be prepared with the master torturing of Urien Rakarth. Contented, the bikes sped off back to their base. After saying goodbye to the wyches Daera and her Incubi headed over to Urien who was repairing some of the stitches on one of the Grotesques.

“Urien, we have been constructing a place for you to do your work, hopefully it will meet your expert requirements.” Said Daera as she led him to a door that wound down to a giant natural cavern underneath the base. The floor was covered in metal with drains in some places. A giant operating table, along with metal clamps rested against one wall. The lab was well stocked with chemicals and poisons, resting on the endless shelves. Urien grinned sadistically at his new playground, and said in a voice filled with giddiness, “This will do, yes…hahaha, this will do quite nicely.” Daera smiled and said, “There is a cell in the corner, here is the key, there are some toys in there for you.”

Urien almost ran over to the corner to get a slave as the Grotesques started setting out his tools. Daera then left him to his business and went back up the stairs. As she walked down the hall she could hear the tortured screams echoing from the vents she had installed to filter the sound of the dungeon throughout the compound. Daera glanced at Drahzar and smiled, she had gotten some new friends, but with friends come enemies.