A New Beginning

Daera walked down the corridor purposefully toward her father’s room, the sounds of screams came from below. Daera smiled knowing that the Haemonoculi would have fun with the new presents she had brought and her father, Asdrubael Vect, the Supreme Lord of the Kabal of the Black Heart would enjoy the fresh souls. The Incubi at the door to his room stopped her.

“Halt, what is your business here?”

Daera smirked and replied, “Open the door Kalir it’s only me, I bring news of my victory and fresh souls for my father.”

“Oh….it’s you, I was wondering if you…”

Ignoring Kalir’s attempt to hit on her, Daera entered the room and shut the door behind her. The room was covered in the trophies of Asdrubael’s many victories, including a huge bed consisting entirely of skulls. The shadows seemed to move all around her, she knew that her father was always guarded. Asdrubael was sitting in his recliner with two of his slave girls performing for him. Rarczek, the master of the Kabal’s Incubi was standing guard and, seeing Daera bent over and made Asdrubael aware of her presence. He looked up, waved to the slave girls and they retreated to the bed of skulls. He turned to face Daera, “Well, what’s your report?” Daera kneeled in front of him, “We have captured 354 fresh souls which are now being prepared for you.”

“Excellent, you seem to be improving, I can see my blood in your veins.”

She moved her head up and smiled crookedly, “Thank you, though I do have a request.”

He looked puzzled, “What sort of request is this?”

Daera stood up, “I want my own attachment of troops, my own colors, I wish my name to bring fear to the people that hear it, I want my own Kabal.”

At this Asdrubael’s eyes lit up with hellish fire, “You shall not have what you seek, I will not help you to attain your goal, you must find your own way. You must take your own initiative. Go now, to the streets of Commorragh, come back when you have achieved your dream.”

Daera spun around, her cloak flailing behind her, walked to the doorway, turned her head, and said with clenched teeth, “I WILL accomplish my goals father, you shall see.”

With that she stormed through the doorway and down the hall toward the exit, not knowing that she was being followed. She reached the streets, the constant blasts of splinter rifles echoing down the streets. Luckily her father had given her a shadow field generator after her first conquest. Daera thought she heard something behind her, keeping an ear open she turned down an alley, planning to kill the would-be assassin. Hiding under a dead body she waited for the assassin to approach. The footsteps got closer and closer until she saw something. Leaping from the shadows she nearly got chopped in half by a punisher coming down on her. She could hear laughing coming from the suit of incubi armor in front of her.

“If I didn’t know any better I would think that you were a mandrake” said the laughing Kalir, “your father sent me to protect you, I think he knows I would be loyal to you”

Daera was about to tell Kalir off when she finally though of something. Even though Kalir is …well, Kalir. However, he is also an Incubus, and in the dark city Incubi mean power.

“I guess you can tag along if you like, but one false move and you are dead” Daera retorted, “Well, the first place we need to go is the recruiting center in the middle of town, even though they are only a bunch of whelps we can harden them up.”

Kalir nodded and the two headed toward the center of the dark city.

It took a while, but they were able to reach the center with no confrontation, not many people will bother someone with an Incubus. The recruiting center was a huge dark silhouette on the Commorragh skyline. There were countless spikes and other cruel looking devices emanating from the top. As they entered both reminisced about their previous experiences at the center. Daera was a master of stealth and strategy, while Kalir didn’t shine until it came to hand to hand combat where he was top in his class. Daera entered the recruiting area with Kalir following closely behind. All around the room there were many warriors practicing all of their fighting skills. Recognizing her previous instructor Daera marched over to him.

“Caladar how goes things?”

Caladar turned somewhat surprised, “You were always good at catching people off guard, and we have a good line up this year. Are you looking for troops for your father?”

“No” Daera replied darkly, “I’m looking for troops for myself, I wish to create my own Kabal where the share of riches goes to the ones that deserve it.”

“Ah, so you have become a revolutionary, I have just the men for you. Follow me.”

Caladar led them to a group at the firing range. “These are my best sharp shots just have a look.” Daera watched in astonishment, while keeping her cool. There were 18 warriors continuously hitting the arteries that would incapacitate the enemy and give it a slow and painful death. She smiled at the amount of pain their target would be in before it finally died. They seemed well versed in the points of pain on all races.

“If they will serve me then they shall fight at my side.”

“We shall see, Lorath, Zarien over here now!” yelled Caladar.

Two Sybarites in the corner that were fighting with deadly agonizers rushed over to see what their master wanted.

“Yes sir, you called?” said the two sybarites.

“I would like you both to meet Daera Vect, the daughter of the great Asdrubael Vect. Daera this is Lorath and this is Zarien the best hand to hand combatants we have. Men, Daera is going to start her own Kabal and needs some good warriors to help, do you wish the job?”

Zarien replied, “Sir, I do wish to fight, but I’m not sure she deserves us if they can defeat us in ritual combat then we will follow them.” Lorath nodded in agreement.

“So be it.” Said Daera as she went to shake hands with Zarien and Lorath. All four combatants dis-armored and were each given spiked gauntlets. They then took their positions for the battle. “Are you sure you want to do this Kalir whispered to Daera. “Of course I am, I knew it wouldn’t be easy, now let’s win.”

The four faced each other getting ready for combat; they started circling each other then with a wild battle cry Zarien charged. Daera dodged the punch giving him a quick elbow to the gut and throwing him over her head. Meanwhile, Kalir had been blocking all of Lorath’s attacks mocking him by making it seem effortless. Zarien got back up and charged Daera again, however this time he was a bit more careful and caught her in the shoulder. Kalir turned toward her scream just to be knocked in the neck by one of Lorath’s punches. Enraged he turned toward Lorath, Kalir’s eyes burned with rage as he grabbed Lorath by the throat. Ignoring the pain from Lorath’s punches, Kalir slowly lifted Lorath up and then threw him head first to the ground where he lay in a crumpled heap, knocked unconscious. While all this was going on Daera was getting her revenge, with a swift kick to the groin and grabbing the pressure points on the neck she quickly brought Zarien to his knees. The crowd stood silent, as the best fighters in their ranks had been defeated.

As Lorath recovered Zarien yelled, “I want a re-match, just you and me she-bitch, just you and me.”

Daera turned coolly toward Zarien, “I knew I couldn’t trust you, that’s why you are poisoned. You see, when you shook my hand a poison was injected through a small needle, you will both die in a day without the antidote which I shall give for you and your squad’s oath of fealty.”

Zarien smiled and kneeled in front of Daera, “You ARE a worthy opponent, and so I swear fealty to your cause may we harvest many souls together.”

Lorath kneeled as well swearing his oath with eye contact instead of words. Daera handed each of them the antidote and one by one each member of both squads swore an oath to her. Smiling at the good show Caladar came over to congratulate Daera.

“Congratulations my dear, as a token of respect and thanks I give you two of our transports to carry these rogues around in, they’re in the back I’ll get them ready for you.”

“Thank you for your help Caladar, I shall be sure to return to get my troops here in the future. Hopefully next time the troops wont be so overconfident.” Daera said as she winked and headed towards the docking bay.

“Where to next?” asked Kalir

“Well, there are very few armies that can survive without the aid of a wych cult. We must find one that will agree to help us, however I want the best, let’s go to the arena.”

The two new raiders sped off to the giant arena in the middle of the dark city. As usual the arena was packed with crowds that have come to watch the wyches battle each other and monsters from far away galaxies. Today was a grand battle between a squad of wyches and two giant reptiles that are known as dragons. Are you sure they have dragons? If you aren’t sure, then you definitely shouldn’t use them. They are absolutely deadly creatures with the ability to breath a gas that ignites as it contacts the oxygen in the air. The entire group took their places in the stands and got ready to observe the spectacle. The announcer began to speak, “Welcome everybody to the grand fight between wych and beast, we shall now introduce the fighters. From the Cult of Payne, Warian Kolea.” There was shouting and shooting as each fighter was announced. “Shiara Tychord of the Cult of the Dark Souls, Marzia Loraith of the Cult of the Bloody Knives, and introducing a new fighter from a new Cult, Vandoria Lightfoot of the Cult of Spikes. And now the moment you have all been waiting for, from the flaming plains of the Fire planet, one of the deadliest creatures in the universe, the Fire Dragon!!”

With that two giant gates opened and the glow of red eyes came from the darkness as the four fighters readied themselves for battle. With an earth-shattering roar both dragons charged, their wings torn so they couldn’t escape. Immediately the attack began the wyches started slashing the dragons with their blades, and dodging the jets of fire. Marzia wasn’t so lucky; she dodged from the beginning of one jet of flame right into the other being charred to a crisp instantly. Vandoria was moving around with amazing speed and started climbing along the back of one of the dragons. This caught Daera’s attention; she wondered what the new arrival was up to. Vandoria finally reached the head and promptly did something that surprised everyone who was watching, she dove right into the dragon’s mouth. Meanwhile, the other two fighters had blinded the other dragon and were about to give the final blow when Vandoria jumped back out of the mouth, parts of her on fire and as she hit the earth she rolled trying to put out the fire. A terrible scream was let out as the dragon prepared for a blast of fire to finish her off. The dragon tried to breath fire, but nothing came, it tried again, confused by the change of plans and then went berserk, ripping Warian into two pieces. Shiara then grabbed a trident and pierced the dragon in the gut. The blood seemed to catch on fire and like a fuse reached the dragon’s head and exploded splattering hot dragon meat everywhere. There was a large applause as Shiara bowed as victor and Vandoria was taken off the field in a hovering stretcher.

“Man, that Shiara was something else she was very good, we should go with her cult.” Said Kalir.

Daera turned to him, “You weren’t very observant were you? Didn’t you notice Vandoria enter the dragon’s mouth?”

“Well, yeah, but...”

“And did you see how the dragon exploded?”


“Well, how and why do you think that happened?”

“I don’t know, I just…”

“It was Vandoria all along, she re-routed the fire gland through the blood stream which saturated the blood with the chemical. Then when the dragon was pierced it created a chain reaction through the beast, literally igniting it’s blood until it reached the gland which exploded and entered the mouth where it all combusted and killed the dragon.” Sounds like you’re repeating yourself here, re-read the last sentence carefully.

“You lost me.” Said Kalir confused

“The only thing you need to know is that I wish to speak with the head of the Cult of Spikes. Zarien, go tell the head of the Cult of Spikes I wish to speak with her, we will be waiting near the vehicles.”

“Yes, of course.”

Daera turned to Kalir, “Now, we go and wait.”

An hour passed and Zarien returned with the Leader of the Cult of Spikes with him.

“Daera, this Pacreni the Spiked, Pacreni, this is Daera Vect daughter of the great Asdrubael Vect.” Said Zarien introducing the two leaders.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Daera, I hear from your sybarite here that you are creating your own Kabal, I respect this as I have just recently created my Cult. Though I ask you, why do you want my Cult above some of the more established ones?” said Pacreni.

“I chose yours by your warrior, Vandoria, even though Shiara received all the credit, it was her who had destroyed the beast. She used her mind instead of her strength, this I admire and if the rest of your warriors even come close to that, I see it as an improvement.” Replied Daera.

“I see not much gets past you, very well, as most other Kabals don’t see the intelligence of my warriors as a strength, we shall follow you. By the way what do you call your new Kabal?”

“As you are the spike in their face, we shall be the thorn in their side. We are the Kabal of Thornes.”