Second Company Captain Muras
Inquisitorial Report on the Disciples Chapter Allies - Our Ladies of the Bloody Sunsets

Her order is strong and proud. They have only been an order militant proper since M38 but they can draw their lineage back through the orders all the way to the days before the reign of blood ended when the saints beheaded Goge Vandire. After the Decree Passive the Sisters became the militant arm of the Ecclesiarcy.

As is a running theme for the race of humanity in 40k everything slowly gets subtly diverted from its original point and purpose by those with power. After the ascension of Thor it became nearly impossible to bend the purpose of the Sisters to an individual’s will or purpose. This particular order's staunch resistance to change and diversion from purpose had gained it the ire of some member of the Ecclesiarcy (indeed it could instead have been a High Lord). He/she decided it better to be rid of this order than to have them become the seed of resistance in other orders.

The shadowy figure made plans for the full fighting force of the order to be sent on a false mission to a far distant planet to find, reclaim and protect a lost relic from an also false heretical cult that had popped up in the sector. Once dumped on the first planet in the sector they would be summarily abandoned and cut off from the Imperium. It was all worked out in a way that should they by some oversight make it off the planet they would have no idea that they had been set up for but only that some error in communication almost caused a horrible tragedy (which is not too uncommon in such a vast galaxy).

They made landfall on the beaches one of the vast many beaches of the major continent on what was truly a backwater planet east of the galactic center. A strange effect of the binary system that the planet inhabited caused the planet to orbit in a way that made it so that the general geographical area they landed in always faced the dwarf sun. Because of this there was no night in this area and when the larger sun passed over the horizon each evening a deep red color washed over the beaches; a perpetual red sunset the color of blood.

Once the order successfully made landfall the transports in orbit turned and abandoning them, following the orders they had received. While the Sisters were confused and concerned by this event, they were filled with desire to complete their mission. After some time the Sisters realized that something was wrong. They found no initial trace of the cult or the holy relic they were sent to protect against it. Weeks of searching turned in to months, and months turned into years. Not only had they all but lost hope in their mission, but they also were beginning to realize that the planet was seemingly cut off from communication with the Imperium at large.

In their darkest hours Canoness Averey Cimbria led her sisters in a prayer for their father the Emperor's guidance before leading them out for one of what had become the routine and uneventful searches for the relic. But this day was different. This day, across the void of space the Emperor heard their prayers and rewarded their loyalty and determination. During a sweep of a rundown part of an urban center of the major continent Canoness Averey Cimbria and her virtuous Sisters burst in upon a large group of witches performing a heretical ritual before an alter upon which was laid an ancient looking but pristine sword. The witches, while vast in number, were no match for the fervent retribution handed out by the Sisters. The heretics were cleansed, and th e relic - an ancient and well crafted sword from the days of the Emperor's crusade to reclaim the galaxy - was secured.

This day brought two miracles. Upon returning to their convent on the beaches with their prize the Sisters were informed that a small fleet of cruisers carrying Imperial Guard were orbiting overhead. The fleet was meant to arrive for an engagement in a far off system but a slight flicker in the astronomicon had thrown them vastly off course and they emerged from the warp in this system. They intercepted communications from the Inquisitor and the Sisters on the surface and were relaying messages to the proper channels for them before continuing on their way.

Canoness Averey Cimbria knew now that this day had been intended to come to pass. This had been a trial for her and her Sisters. She acted quickly, forwarding messages to bring them back into the fold of the Ecclesiarcy and the Ordo Hereticus. Ships would come with supplies and transport off the planet when needed. But they would not be leaving this planet. Their convent would be permanently relocated to these beaches, and their order would be renamed to remind future generations of Sisters of their trial here and the rewards of remaining faithful to their purpose. They would be called Our Ladies of the Bloody Sunset.

Since that time an Inquisitor that commonly calls upon the services of the Order has received information that leads her to believe that the Sisters may have been abandoned on the planet intentionally (her purview as an inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus includes investigating members of the Ecclesiarcy for corruption). This information coming to light has made the Sisters of Our Ladies of the Bloody Sunset very suspicious of those they deal with in the Ecclesiarcy. They can trust no one…

The relic has been passed down to each Canoness through the generations. On the table it will be as simple to represent as sometimes fielding the Canoness with a blessed weapon (+2S master-crafted power weapon) instead of a normal power weapon.