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House Rules


The intention of our house rules is to make games more fun for everyone.  These rules are always subject to the players agreement, but I wanted to put a baseline out for people to use in their games so that it's less confusing and easier to play.  If anyone who plays with us wishes to weigh in, feel free as we can ceratinly adjust them if needed.

Rules Sources - We currently allow people to use any official Games-Worshop or Forgeworld rule source for rules for a model. This includes white dwarf or online articles officially published by GW(if they ever do it again).

Datacards - If you cannot accomplish an objective at all during the couse of the game show it to your opponent and discard it (I.e. cast a psycher when you have none) - If you cannot accomplish any objectives during your turn when playing maelstom objectives, you may discard your entire hand and draw normally the following turn. Note this isn't choosing not to, you have to have tried to accomplish any objectives that you could possibly do so. No choosing not to use psychic dice to discard your hand or the like.

Psychic powers: - Invisibility - All shooting directed at invisible units is reduced to bs1. All attacks in hand to hand are made at WS1.

Tau - Coordinated firepower - All beneifts are shared at the unit they target. Benefits are not shared on weapons fired at units other than the primary.

Space Wolves - Countercharge - The following actions prevent countercharging:
- Fired overwatch (already did something that assault phase)
- Fired Interceptor weapons
- Performed an emergency disembarkation.
- Went to ground
- been pinned
- failed a morale check and are falling back (prior to regrouping from ATSKNF).
If an ability requires you to make a test (i.e. dominion) to be able to charge it requires you to test before chagrging.

Codexes. All non-special character (unique named) dreadnoughts from codexes other than Space marines gain +2 attacks. This includes the Hell Brute from CSM

Game rules - Gargantuan creates may fire all guns, each at seperate targets like a super heavy vehicle.

Game rules - When playing multiplayer games, each person gets a warlord but the traits only affect their units unless they are drawn from the same codex.

Game rules - If one side of a game has fewer players than the other in a more than 1v1 player game the team with less payers pick their warlord trait(s) when they are allowed to.

Game rules - D weapons - 1 result hothing, 2-5 d3 wounds, 6 3+d3. Saves are taken as per the rulebook. The power spike to 6+d6 in the normal rules is rediculous