Second Company Captain Muras
Inquisitorial Report on the Disciples Chapter - 2nd Company Captain Muras

The first time I encountered Captain Muras was in the middle of the Praetorius Crusade intended to crush the Xenos loving rebels that had taken root there. A particularly bold action on the primary planet, X, had just gone terribly wrong and a lot of inter unit squabbling had ensued and I was sent by the local Inquisitorial branch to bring things in line.

A number of Space Marine chapters had sent forces to aid the retaking of the system. One such chapter was the Disciples; who sent a full 3 companies and support forces under the direction of the Master of the Watch, Muras. During one of the major pushes the Disciples 2nd company and the Lords of Dawn forces were pledged to hold a flank in case the enemy counterattacked against that flank while the main guard forces pushed a risky, but well planned, surprise assault into the what had been believed to be the main enemy force. It was anticipated that there would be some forces coming from the other direction, but a small mobile force of that many marines should be sufficient to deal with any resistance.

As fates would have it, the primary anti Imperial force was not where intelligence placed them. The Lords of Dawn captain was the first to encounter the enemy on the flank as they pushed a pincher attack in from both sides of the Imperial line. The enemy were much more potent than expected, having been given access to Xenos Technology and the Lords swiftly decided to withdraw from the action, feeling that the lives of marines vastly outweighed the lives of the guardsman they were protecting and that they should fall back to ensure their better use elsewhere. This left a large portion of the flank exposed and quickly left the Disciples cut off with no chance to withdraw.

This action became one of the most disastrous of the entire crusade. The Disciples' fought valiantly but were soon completely overrun by the forces enveloping them, and the counter attack on the guard forces from the rear was particularly devastating, within hours obliterating most of the artillery they had brought to bear on the primary front, before any units could respond to the threat from behind.

Captain Muras and 6 of his brethren managed to survive the assault, feeling it was their duty to bring the gene seed of their fallen brothers back to the chapter and to avenge the deaths of their comrades. They reached the imperial line during the 4th day of fighting. Muras, upon hearing that the Lords of Dawn had recently returned from the main battle line and were preparing for a redeployment stormed off to the portion of the staging area they were using as their headquarters, after sending the rest of his marines to report to the other captains of the Disciples.

Many accounts, including his own indicate that in a furious rage Muras laid into the Lords of Dawn forces. They were so shocked and appalled that he was attacking them, that he managed to kill 3 scouts, 2 full battle brothers, and seriously injured another two before their commanding Captain joined the fray. The captain and Muras fought one another to a standstill until Muras's power sword shattered from a blow from the axe of his assailant. With the quick turn of luck the sword and the hand that held it were taken from Muras. The Captain continued to press his advantage his power axe pressing Muras back out of the camp and into the lanes between where many jeering guardsman were drawn to the fight. Deflecting blow after blow with his storm shield Muras was finally able to disarm his opponent and then using the very axe the captain been using, decapitated him. It was then that a force of Iron Hands, drawn to the conflict restrained him.

The Disciples demanded their captain be released for internal review and punishment, the Lords of Dawn demanded his immediate execution by their hand. The Lord General, the highest ranking Imperial officer present, unwilling to draw the ire of either chapter so he requested a Inquisition and a judgment from the Ordos. At this time I had just been promoted to a full Inquisitor but not placed within a Ordos yet and this was judged to be a good test of my new found promotion.

The first time I laid eyes on Muras he was in quite a state. I had permitted his chapter to reattach his hand as per their request as it needed to be done immediately if it was to restore to full functionality. He had a great many other wounds but still stood proudly even shackled as he was when I entered the chamber. I was struck by the sheer fervor I sensed in his mind. The disgust of the cowardly actions his fellow marines wrought and of this whole trial. I spoke with him at some length and he admitted to all the charges laid against him.

I researched our archives for how matters of this import were typically handled. Generally when conflict between marines occurs a conclave of the more respected chapters involved in the faction is convened and the judgment of the oldest chapter is enacted. In this case the Iron Father was the highest ranking official there, so I approached him.

The Iron Father refused to assist me. I had heard of their distain for the inquisition but I thought their greater sense of duty would ensure their cooperation. The best I was able to get out of him was that he thought that Muras had a right do what he did and that the Dawn Lord's was weak and needed to be culled, however he wouldn't share this before an assembly.

In the end the I decided to punish both sides of the conflict. The Dawn Lords chapter is sent on a penitent crusade under the guidance of a Ordos Hereticus Inquisitor's watchful eyes, and the Disciples 2nd captain was to be seconded to me for a period of 25 years for use as an agent. This wasn't a particularly popular decision; however it seemed to be a just one at the time. The Dawn Lords needed to be taught more respect for the people they were guarding, and this would give me 25 years to work on improving Muras's impulses and fine tuning him into a commander to make the Disciples proud.

Muras served me well during the 25 years, and I was able to give him a broader sense of the galaxy and enlighten him as to perhaps better ways to deal with situations that came up during that time frame. He served me well, saving my life a number of times from the myriad enemies I fought. While I am not sure that a marine is capable of developing a true friendship with someone outside of his brethren we developed a mutual respect that made it much easier to call upon him and his chapter after his secondment.

He was returned to the Disciples after the 25 year period was up as a fully restored captain of the second company. I've followed his career over the years and he distinguished himself as a competent leader and a skillful warrior. He has won the acclaim of many chapters and even the Iron Hands seem to have gotten over their differences of opinion to a degree after he performed a daring action on Monthax III to retrieve a number of wounded marines and their geneseed, returning them to the Hands