Chief Librarian Anthonious Augustus
Inquisitorial Report on the Disciples chapter - Chief Librarian Augustus

Little is known about the Chief Librarian's early years. Some surmise that he was a simple farmer's son, others seem to think that he was the son of a processing factory worker in the spaceport. What is known (discovered in the attached interview) is that he suffered at the hands of his siblings and their friends and something.. very shocking to his young mind occured. No one has ever managed to learn precisely what occured, however, it is believed that he had one of his 'visions' and was beaten senseless and then turned out onto the streets when it proved to be true.

Days after the initial recruitment for the chapter's founding began, an arbite officer brought in a boy, whose torn and smudged clothes betrayed him as a vagrant to the recruitment offices. At this point all young boys not with established families such as orphans, who might pass the genetic deviancy tests, were to be brought in on the order of the planetary governor. Augustus passed the tests with flying colours and was admitted to the barracks that the children were being stored in untill the trials. The first night the guards were shocked to hear the boy uttering words in a language they had never heard before. They fetched the Adept on watch that night, and they recorded a portion of what the boy was saying.

It turned out that he was speaking in fluent Tau. He was actually reciting the agreement that the Imperium reached with the Tau to stop its aggressions. The Damocles compact, just as if he were there at that moment in time. When awakened the boy had nearly perfect recollection of what he saw, that fit in perfectly with the recordings of the forging of the Damocles compact. The boy was immediately taken into isolation, and after passing a psycic battery, was earmarked for the librarium program if he managed to pass the tests as the other aspirants had to.

Space Marine

Needless to say, he passed. Initial testing indicated that his innate psychic abilities were related to seeing the future and the past. Ordo Xenos operatives actually stopped a small contingent of eldar trying to break in to the facilities where the first marines were being surgically altered. Interrogation of the eldar indicated that they were here to capture the first 'mon-keigh farseer'. They seemed horrified at the fact that a Space Marine would gain access to the abilities to see the skeins of the future with the capacity that a farseer has.

Aspirant Augustus soon became a full fledged marine, but the journey to that point was difficult at times. Many of the marines shunned him for his uncanny ability to deflect attacks as if he knew they were coming. When the knowledge that he was a psyker became more available to the rest of the founding, well, they were even more in fear and awe of him. His isolation became even more prominent due to the fact that no other marines in the founding showed any notable psychic talent.

Augustus became the chapter's Master Librarian by default. No other aspirant in the initial founding of the chapter showed any significant psychic potentcy. Augustus took to the tasks of the Librarian with a vengance. He channeled all of his anger at the injustices done to him by his fellows all throughout his life into his training and soon began to harness his powers. Once he was able to tap into his innate powers, he was granted a force axe, the only one of it's kind granted the chapter. This axe soon came to represent Augustus and his office to the rest of chapter, and it became his own personal standard.

The chief librarian has since been an invaluable asset to the chapter. His abilities, most especially his uncanny ability to auger the potential futures, has proven extremely important to the chapter's successes. Despite the trepidation and innate distrast at having a known pyscher in their midst, he has proven himself to the chapter, and they accept his companionship, giving Jones a place in which he feels welcome at long last.

Personal thoughts

Having not met the Disciples Chief Librarian I cannot say that much about him. One thing that does pique my interest is his ability of 'farsight', and the eldar's interest in it. From what information I have gathered, the ability of farsight is restricted to the Eldar's most powerful psykers, which are apha plus psykers. If he is indeed that powerful, he must be quite a force to recon with.