Daius Ithylmar, Chapter Master
Inquisitorial Report on the Disciples chapter - Chapter Master Ithylmar

Chapter Master Ithylmar of the Disciples chapter was born as with the bulk of the chapter on Phemos IV. The son of a great composer, Daius Ithlymar was expected from birth to follow in his father's footsteps, a fate it would seem was not to be. Chosen at the age of 7 by the planetary lottery he was selected for chance to be a part of the new founding of Space Marines to take place.

He excelled in the trials and was one of the first candidates picked to be a member of the new chapter. The rigors of the training and the genegic manipulation forged him into a ferocious personallity who had a great sway over men. Captain Gaius soon recognized the zeal and courage he had and made him one of the first sergeants in the chapter.

During the Eldar raid that occured on the planet shortly after the founding, he was in large part the reason the chapter was not wiped out that day. After the command Cadre was nearly wiped out in the initial onslought it was he and a couple of others who broke into the weapons stores and mounted a resistance with his fellow scouts. Soon they had taken the vault back from the invaders, though at at great cost.

When the Ultramarines arrived to reinforce the young chapter Gaius was suprised to find the young warriors relatively well manning the stations defence systems. After obtaining permission to remain, Anthonias assisted in formulating the new chapter, but insisted that Daius had earned his right to be at its head.

In the several hundred years since he has only suffered one major defeat. The planet Kovat was lost to the Imperium despite the best of the Disciples. Ever since Daius has had an unreasonable thrist for vengance against Ork kind, and regularly deploys on missions to battle them. He has taken up the Crimson Fist of Vengance as his personal icon and woe betide any Orks he encounters.

Personal Note:

I had a rare chance to meet with Captain Ithylmar during an overlap of our stay at the Disciples Fortress Monastary. He seemed every bit the devout knowledgable man that every space marine should be. During my visit I briefly heard a sublime yet tragic song being played from his chambers. The beauty of that melody remains with me to this day.