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News and Updates


The men of the Phemos 1st were tired. Called in to assist Phellos V in fending off a Tyranid incursion, horrible casualties were incurred. Those who survived often envied those who were dead, who didn't have to remember the agonized screams of comrades being flayed alive by bio-acids and who didn't have to remember seeing fleshborer's heads pushing out of the corpses of fallen allies.

Major Braxxis was a hard man, but even he had seen all he wanted of the alien menace. When the call for a group of guard to go investigate an energy disturbance, he relished getting away from the cleanup teams who were hunting down the last remnants of the Hive Fleet. A little stroll out to investigate what would probably be nothing seemed like a very good idea to Braxxis.

Intelligence suggested that the source of the energy buildup was a mine shaft in Grid 24-6-V. Wanting to be thorough Braxxis spread his squads out and carefully started combing the terrain when he neared the shaft. Much to his surprise he found the source of the energy. Xenos! Eldar by the descriptions he'd heard of them.

"Open fire," he snapped.

The turret fire of the two Leman Russes in his command accounted for quite a toll. They nearly annihlated a squad of blue armored warriors and destroyed the single grav tank that the Eldar seemed to be guarding. The guard formed up gunnery lines and proceeded to pick the Eldar apart. The Eldar continued to try to put up a resistance, but the need for them to keep moving away from the pursing Necrons made them dash themselves against the Guard line.

After the last of the Xenos had been routed, the guard began inspecting the bodies. They found a green orb, glowing with a great intensity in the clutches of one of the heavily armored Eldar that had exited the tank. They took it back to base for further analysis, and set up patrols near the mine, just in case.