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News and Updates


So far the incursion had gone without incident. Farseer X's forces fanned out into protective formation while the warp spiders and fire dragons secured the objective. Cries went up as on one side of the line a Monolith slowly floated into view coming from one of the side tunnels leading into the massive chamber. Immortals flanked the Eldar from the opposite side.

Farseer X shouted out to his warriors that only the power source matters. Protect the fire dragons at all costs. The Avatar of Khaine, headless of these words moved to engage the immortals heedless of the Farseers intent, much as the Farseer had expected. Their pride swelling and hearts burning the with the desire for bloodshed Dire Avengers and Swooping hawks moved to assist the Avatar.

Heavy bursts of flaying energy assaulted the Eldar from all sides as the fire dragons desperately rushed to safety up to the secured tunnel that the Eldar had come through. Many squads of Yngir were careful and precisely taken down by combined fire from the entire Eldar host. The Avatar closed with the immortals and made short work of them. But the Yngir kept coming. Knowing this was a futile fight, a hasty withdraw was ordered. The Farseer, though wounded, escaped with as many of his warriors as he could, but not without great cost. Many, such as the outcasts being completely overrun by Scarabs were lost, however the prize was claimed and the Eldar did escape the Tombs with their prize.