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News and Updates


Pellos V, known by the locals as Haven has long been a hive world of the Imperium. Rediscovered sometime during the great crusade and brought into the Imperium it has long served the Imperium. It's foundries tirelessly churn weaponry to be used in the Eastern Fringe.

The world however, is atypical of a hive world and has left a fair portion of it's world to be used for Agriculture. Self sustainability is a real need this far out from the center of IMperial power, with warp storms occasionally causing the area to lose contact with the Imperium for decades at a time. This lends to the world a need for Surf-Sufficiency not often observed in the Imperium.

A handful of years ago the world was invaded by the Tyranid menace. A Splinter-Hive fleet desgnated Gorgon invaded the planet. This brought swift retribution from nearby Space Marines and guard regiments that hurried to preserve this important supply point for the Imperium's usage. After two full years of campaigning the Tyranid fleets were scattered and systematically destroyed. Unknown to the Imperium a new menace was soon to awaken in the core of this world.

On the Craftworld Beil Anaris Farseer X reflected the mission he had been sent on. The Yngir were stirring in all corners of the galaxy. Waking from their terrible dreams they were preparing to marshal their forces and once more step their unstoppable march across the galaxy. Farseer Eldaran Nimus of the Shelwe Anaris had instructed him that he saw a glimmer of hope that some of the Yngir's plans could be strongly hindered if one of the Guardian worlds was halted in it's efforts to awaken. Threading his way through the many fates that surrounded this world, he was able to ascertain a way to prevent the majority of the Yngir on this planet from awakening for many years to come. Rarely were the defenses of a Necron Tomb so weak. The Tyranid menace that had assaulted the world had found it's way into the tomb systems and were engaging the few waking guardians left behind to monitor the slumber of the race as a whole were engaged on many fronts and had initiated the sequence to awaken their kindred. This was a rare opportunity to send in a strike force near to the location and to battle their way and steal the power source before it was able to awaken many of their kin. The plan was 3 fold. Steal the power source and bring it back to be hidden out of reach of the Necrontyr, to disable their tomb ship that lie dormant on one of the planets 3 moons and then to seal the tombs once more sealing the Necrons in tombs of their own making.