First Assignment
2nd company captains log: First assignment

How interesting that guard from the planet (placeholder2) are being sent to this planet. What interest does the inquisition have here? Are they sending an Inquisitor out here to monitor our status? I know they are suspicious of our choice to activate so early, but the need for a significant force of marines in this area of space is dire! With the withdrawal of many forces and the sudden shift of reinforcements to Cadia this sector is direly in need of stalwart defenders.

We have been given our instructions, and the council decided to test the strength of both our chapter, and of the Tau by sending in a relatively small force to scout out the region and to shore up a base once used by the guard regiments that were stationed here before the Tau took the planet. Our main imperative is to get the main landing bay cleared of debris and get the void shields and main gun systems back online so that we can potentially hold it in case of a counter attack, and can use it as a primary supply base untill we can capture something more sizable.

This by no means should be beyond our capabilities, however, we have ill been tested other than in small numbers assisting other organizations in their battles. In case of failure however, a 2nd force of storm troopers is being grav-chuted in to a even more remote outpost on the north arctic zone, where the alien filth and their technology will flounder. This outpost was a research center and should be very well shielded from their auguries. By all that is holy this is an unnecessarily precaution. We’re space marines for the Emperor’s sake, not some rough and ready newly formed Guard regiment! We will accomplish our objective!

Librarian Jones requested that he be placed in charge of this mission due to one of his.. premonitions. I am not sure what I to of his warp spawned abilities, however he has seemed quite capable in the past. We shall see what comes of his dalliances in the warp. A contingent from the 2nd company, supported by the 10th has been dispatched and should be landing on the planet any time now. We suspect we shall know within the first few hours how firmly the Tau have become entrenched and will soon know what to expect from these foul beings.

Thought for the day: No death in the name of the Emperor is in vain, however lives are often wasted in the name of mankind.

Mission 1: Planetfall

"Gah.. we would have to be deployed in Valkaries. Nothing like being crammed into an Imperial Guard transport to start your day. This just isn't proper for a marine, we deserve better," grumbled Brother Marcus, indignation seeping from every word.

"Shut your trap, the Librarian's about to address us," growled Brother Levitz. His scowl instantly cowed his brother space marine.

The comms lit up and Brother Jones the sole full Librarian of the Disciples began, 'As you know, the council of captains and Imperial command has decided that we are the vanguard of our forces, and that we are to secure Imperial outpost 772. This is to be done promptly and with as little Xenos contact as possible."

"Auguries indicate that this outpost is furthest from Xenos energy signatures. Do not let this dull your caution however, it is always best to be prepared. They as near as we can tell have not yet located the orbiting ships and are unaware we are coming. However, to be safe, when we land, we will go to voice only, no more comms," he continued.

"What do we do if we encounter Xenos patrols while on the plant?", chimed Sergeant Miles.

"Terminate them at all costs. We need time to establish a point from which we can launch assaults. This bases is of paramount importance. I have a strange feeling about this mission, which is why I had myself assigned to this mission. Stay sharp, and fresh. Upon landing squads assume the dispersal pattern being broadcast to your visors now," came the reply.

At this point the red light indicating they were near their landing zone came on and the marines all bowed their heads in the ritual prayer that the Codex Astartes indicates is to be done before battle. Many of the marines' suit cooling systems sparked into life as sweat started beading on many of their heads. The ramp on the ship opened and the squad cautiously exited the Valkarie, with the marines looking warily about them. First blood for the chapter has its honours, and its risks....

Contact with the enemy:

The ship's engines flared as they took off after dropping the marines. The marines watched the Valkaries as they trailed into the distance while maneuvering into the underbrush near the clearing they had been dropped into. They hid as well as they could, given their dark blue and light gray armour not blending into the forest particularly well, waiting to be certain their attempt at a stealthy drop was ensured. The codex states that a marine should always proudly wear his colours, but not that they should readily walk into a trap and cannot lie in wait for enemies to come to them.

The forest they were dropped in rejoiced in the departure of the invading machines. The animals began to move again and the usual sounds of chirping and movement spread out as far as the marines' enhanced hearing could reach. Still the marines silently waited in the underbrush for any signs that the enemy might have noticed their arrival on the planet. Dawn came and went.

After a look of intense concentration Librarian Jones gave a double-fingered signal, pointing in the direction of the base, pumped twice and then a raised finger twirled a circle. The scouts started out and after about what seemed like a nearly unbearable amount of time, the rest of the marines started after them, at a fairly gentle pace, scanning the forest about them for any signs of the foul treachery they expect from Xenos species.

After about half an hour of walking the scouts returned. ‘Sir, there are Orks ahead,’ reported one of them. The marines reeled from the news. Orks! One of mankind's oldest enemies, here on Kovat? They'd heard nothing to that effect in the reports they were given. The Librarian conferred with the scouts and announced the plan of attack.

The scouts were sent on ahead to infiltrate the forest near the base and secure a good firing position. Their sniper rifles and heavy bolter would be of much use in the coming battle. The rest of the marines moved up into line of sight with the exception of the Devastators and Techmarine Balthus, who took up positions in the trees, the former gaining a significant line of sight on the buildings, the latter ensuring that the communication equipment he was carrying was not only kept safe, but well out of Ork hands. The lines formed a semi circle of devastation that would prove to be rather effective versus the simple minded brutes.

As the marines looked on the Orks were apparently trying to repair the base. Grots hammered furiously on plates of metal being attached to the fortifications that were the outskirts of the outpost. No signs of a wall or any sort of perimeter protection were visible, either the base never had any, or it had been utterly destroyed during the invasion. There was ample damage to the ground nearby to support the latter possibility. It was difficult to tell if the grots' efforts were having any favorable impact, but they certainly looked more concerned with appearing to be doing work, than actually doing any. A large Ork, towering behind the grot line seemed to be the one in command of the force. His voice thundered out whenever a grot dropped a spanner or some gadget that was being used and the grots' Slaver administered punishment to the unlucky gits.

This time, however, in response to his booming voice, opened up a symphony of gunfire as the heavy bolters and missile launchers of the Devastators opened fire on the grot line. Answering gunfire from the scouts, now ensconced within the forest felled even more of the vile Xenos. The booming jets of jump packs flared as Brother Marcus used this moment to lead his assault squad forwards and close to the Ork lines.

Answering gunfire poured from a squad of Orks near the communications tower and Orks moving in from the southern part of the encampment. The Assault marines felt like they were flying through torrents of rain as a surprising number of bullets impacted their armor, and two of the squad were injured and unable to continue the advance. It would seem that the Orks penchance for hand to hand combat over ranged attacks may have been exaggerated in all the training they had received.

Further fire from the scouts and devastators finally took their toll on the grots, which up to this point had shown a great deal of courage for their kind, and the grots broke and hid, leaving their slaver cursing and screaming untill a krak missile from the Devastators silenced him…. permanently. This seemed to enrage the Orks' leader further, and he came bounding out of the base towards the marines.

By this time the squad from the south had intercepted the assault marines and engaged them ferociously. The warboss and his nobs joined the fighting, where the assault marines’ blessed armour protected them from nearly all of the blows, with only one battle brother being injured during the Orkish onslaught. And then, in the most glorious moment of the battle, Brother Marcus upper-cut his powerfist, cackling with energy right into the jaw of the warboss felling him in one blow. At the sight of their warboss falling, the Orks lost what little courage they may have had before while they were a large mob and were cut down as they attempted to flee the battlefield.

With that, the tactical squads, who had not even advanced into combat effective range before the battle was over fanned out to check the rest of the base for hidden enemies and returned once they found none. The attendant apothecaries applied healing salves and synskin to the injured assault marines and the entire battle group kneeled before the structure and thanked the emperor for their moment of triumph in prayer. In their eyes chapter had finally earned its right to be called a Space Marine chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. Techmarine Balthus linked the communication equipment the servitors had brought with them to the systems of the base and relayed their victory to command, using a portable power cell. There would be much work to be done, to repair the base to usable amounts, since its entire power grid was down.

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