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  In the grim darkness of space..

.. on the Eastern Fringe of the galaxy at the end of the 41st millennium a small Nicassar Dhow drops out of the warp. Miles below their orbit on a small green planet known within the human Imperium as Kovat a message is received:

ďStrangers, greetings in the name of the Tau. This messenger drone is to inform you that this planet has been selected for colonization by his Ethereal Majesty Auníel Tauín Oríes. This is not cause for alarm. When you encounter our ships then welcome them. We have much to offer a faithful friend. We are five castes, one people. We are all bound to the dream of bringing a new way to the universe. I hope you will choose to share the culture, technology and protection of the Tau Empire. The one constant in the universe is change, the wise adapt. Believe in our destiny.Ē The Imperial forces laugh and destroy the drone. Manta ships enter Kovatís atmosphere and the fighting begins. Severely underestimating the numbers of the invaders, and also undersupplied so far from the main body of the Empireís might, the planetís defenders are quickly defeated. Some surrender, those who resist are destroyed.

Kovat falls to the Tau. Auníel Tauín Oríes leads the planetary settlement with his trusted colleague Shasíel Vioríla Montíka. A cadre is left to protect the planet while the Fio begin work on the cities and facilities that await the colonization fleet. Patrols through the crowded wilderness of Kovat find strange alien sites and the Fio set to discovering the use and harnessing the power found within these structures. The Tau force is unaware that the past 1000 years alone have seen Kovat come under the control of nearly a half dozen different races and empires, and that at this moment four armies are headed through the grim darkness, intent on taking it back. They are also unaware that one threat is already on Kovat, biding itís time, building its own strongholds, and waiting for the right moment to strikeÖ

Welcome to our first Campaign. I will be adding to it as time goes on, so stay tuned!

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