Upgradeable characters are generally HQ selections within your chosen codex that do not have an individual name. (Special characters are excluded from using these rules) In some rare occasions the selections may come from another section of your codex such as Elite inquisitors in the Witchhunters codex.

         Your force can never contain more than one upgraded character.

         Upgraded characters take up their normal force organization lot.

         All appropriate upgrades must be modeled.

         The character must be fully painted.

         The Hero must be registered on the following forum, contact Dean to register

         Some storyline and background is required when registering your character.


Stat Increases:

A Character may choose up to three upgrades listed below at the listed point cost.(items marked with a * may not be purchased more than once)

+15 points each

         +1 Weapon Skill

         +1 Ballistic Skill

         +1 Initiative

         +1 leadership

+20 points each

         +1 Strength*

         +1 Toughness*

         +1 Wound*

         +1 Attack

Skills and Abilities:

The Character may choose up to three upgrades listed below at +20 points for the first, +35 for the second and +50 for the third. No ability may be purchased more than once. Skills marked with a �*� are usable by any squad the character is attached to.

� Force Weapon (Psykers only)
The Character counts as having a force weapon. If the character is already armed with a force weapon it may be used to inflict Instant Death on any model regardless if they are immune to Instant Death.

� Righteous Zeal
The Character counts as having the Righteous Zeal special rule. If the character already has it any unit from that charges into close combat and has at least 1 model within 12� of the character as well as in line of sight may re-roll failed to hit rolls on the turn they charged.

� Feel No Pain
The Hero receives the Feel no Pain universal special rule. If the Character already has Feel no Pain he may use it against attacks that normally wouldn�t allow a chance.

� Psychic Null
(Characters who have access to psychic powers only)
The Character counts as having a psychic hood. If the character already has a psychic hood or the equivalent the character may roll 2d6 and pick the highest when trying to negate powers.

� Fleet of Foot
The Character gains the fleet of foot special rule. If the character already has the Fleet of Foot special rule once per game he may grant the special rule to any squad he is attached to.

� Invulnerable
The character gains a 5+ invulnerable save. If the character already has an invulnerable save he gets +1 to the invulnerable save. (3+ is the maximum it may be increased to)

� Rending
The character gains the rending special rule in close combat. If the character already has the rending special rule for close combat his attacks rend on a 4+ to wound roll instead of a 6+.

� Infiltrate/ Scout (choose one)*
The character gains the infiltrate or the Scout special rule. If the character already has the infiltrate special rule he may deploy as if he was out of line of sight to any enemy models. If the character already has the scout special rule he may make a double move before the game starts but still may not end his move within 12� of an enemy unit. If the character has either rule and chooses to Outflank he may roll 2 dice and choose which result he wants when deciding what board edge to come in from. Infiltrate/ Scout may not be chosen by a model in terminator armor, on a bike, wearing a jump pack or with the Mark of Khorne.

� Psychic Power
The character counts as a psyker and can take any one psychic power from its own codex. If no psychic powers are in your codex choose a power from the Primaris Psyker in Codex Imperial Guard. If the character is already a Psyker he may choose any one power from any codex.

� Fearless*
The Character gains the fearless special rule. If he already has the fearless special rule he can choose to pass or fail any moral check he is required to make.

� Poison Attacks
The Character can choose either shooting or close combat. Any attacks he made in the chosen phase count as having the Poison special rule. If these attacks already count as having poison they then count as always being of the same strength or higher no matter what the toughness of the target is.

� Psychic Void
If the character is the target of a psychic power, within its area of effect or is cast within 6� of him it will automatically fail and the caster will suffer perils of the warp attack. Any innate psychic power will also be turned off while within 6� of the character. The character may not purchase psychic powers, force weapons or other psychic type war gear.

� Master Crafted
All of the character�s weapons may re-roll failed to hit rolls. These may only be re-rolled once regardless of other rules.

� Blood Weapon
Any rolls to hit in close combat by the character of 6 may will add one more dice to roll an attack with.

� Defensive Grenades*
The Character and any unit he is attached to counts as having defensive grenades.

� Daemonic Weapon
If the character has a power weapon or its equivalent he counts as having a standard Daemon Weapon from Codex Chaos Space Marines. (Daemonic Weapon may not be taken if Grey Knights or non radical Inquisitors are present in the army.)

� Blade Singer/ Sniper (choose one)
In Close Combat (Blade Singer) or shooting (sniper) the character may single out one individual model with some or all of his attacks. This model will be the only one affected by nominated attacks.

� Counter Attack*
The Character counts as having the Counter Attack Special Rule.

� Furious Charge*
The Character counts as having the Furious Charge Special Rule. If he already has the Furious Charge Special Rule then he receives either +2 to strength or initiative on the turn he charges but not both.

� Acute Senses*
The Character counts as having the Acute Senses Special Rule. If he already has it he may roll another d6 and add it to the result of the first two dice.

� Alternate Force org
If the character has the Alternate Force org ability any force which includes him in it may count one type of non-troop unit as a troop selection.Note:These additional troop selections cannot include monstrous creatures, selections with more than 2 heavy weapon options or vehicles.

� Relentless*
The Character gains the relentless Special rule. If he already has it he may charge a different unit then the one he shot at.

� Eternal Warrior
The Character gains the Eternal Warrior special rule. If he already has it �D� strength weapons will only do 1d3 wounds of damage against him.